innovative, unique, modern, fast, flexible. Just a few key words that stand for "deep in" and its products.

innovative highlight

From simple, fast and sustainable expansion to sensational, unique new buildings, "deep in" offers its customers very special highlights, which give your company or private sector a whole new quality.

fast and sustainable

Due to the longevity, the easy assembly & disassembly and the transportability "deep in" not only offers a very special experience, but also impresses with incomparable quali

flexible, value-preserving

From timely expansion to reorganization, relocation or divestment - any expansion or reorientation is possible and quickly implemented. Whether as a single unit or as an expandable grouping - all imaginable applications and requirements can be met. Our Refugia can be operated completely autonomously according to your wishes or can be connected to existing infrastructure. Due to the possibility of autonomous operation, "deep in" offers the opportunity to use previously not as an option perceived locations.

nature integrated, renaturalized

Through the overgrown and re-vegetated surface "deep in" is completely integrated into its environment and subordinates itself to its environment. "Deep in" puts nature in the foreground. From the rustic natural stone wall as a front view, to complete planting and greening, the right solution can be found for every location. The entrance area and the generously sized window areas, depending on the application, remain visible as a building.

the natural concept - deep in from Tarrenz in Tyrol

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