Areas of application deep in refugia from Tarrenz in Tirol

Whether as sauna, apartment, sanitary unit, deluxe wine cellar or as shelder / hunting lodge. deep in refugia are universally applicable



office / sales rooms / utility rooms:

compact in a refugia or as a composite of several units


as a additional highlight on an existing building or as a completely new outdoor concept (sauna, steam bath, treatment / rest) 



additional rooms or apartments to existing facilities or as an independent hotel or inn concept


The unique concept of "deep in" construction offers our customers the opportunity to expand their property with high-quality and, above all, sustainable space, without having to carry out time-consuming renovation work on existing buildings.
The longevity (99 years and beyond), the ease of assembly and disassembly and the transportability can be responded to any new situation properly. From timely expansion to reorganization, relocation or divestment - any expansion or reorientation is possible and quickly implemented.
Our Refugia can be operated completely autonomously according to your wishes or can be connected to existing infrastructure.


Whether as a private spa (sauna / steam room / shower) or as a unique wine cellar with storage and tasting options, you can expand your property quickly and cleanly at the highest level.


Beispiel private Refugia

Wine cellar with tasting room as a supplement to your inventory or independent new building.

Beispiel private Refugia

Sauna with shower / relaxation and fitness room for your own personal private spa


Surprise the guest, to come up with new highlights, is crucial for success in the gastronomy and hotel industry. Create or expand your wellness area with an outdoor wellness area with sauna, steam bath and various treatment rooms (1 therapist & 2 treatment rooms) and use nature as your host.
Living with nature: Expand your room offer with innovative Living Refugia variants. The guest consciously perceives the environment, but has every comfort in his modern refugia.

Due to the more than 30 years of know-how in the hotel industry and tourism of our partner company "Atelier Krißmer & Partner", we can offer you competent advice and planning as needed to realize your opportunities and opportunities in the best possible way.


Beispiel Gastro Refugia

sauna & steam bath

Beispiel Gastro Refugia


office, utility and sales room

The nature-integrated construction offers many new possibilities. The flexibility and versatile usability opens up new possibilities in the further development of a company.

campsites / mobil pitches / chalet

"deep in" offers a new quality of camping.
From pitches with their own private sanitary unit to their own wellness units, the guest can be offered a new level of wellness, comfort and nature experience.
Due to the robust and overfilled construction "deep in" is insensitive to vandalism or severe weather events and at the same time forms a natural demarcation to adjacent parking spaces. Camping facilities with completely new pitch qualities in a consistently natural environment are possible with appropriate arrangement.
The renaturalized, greened surface offers an inimitable, natural appearance of your plant. A highlight for every campsite.

Living Refugia: with our range of Living Refugia, from the simple sleep-Refugia, a spacious apartment, a chalet, up to the suite every quality of living can be covered

Wellness Refugia: Another highlight is the outdoor wellness concept by deep in.
Sauna, steam room relaxation room and shower bubble are just a few products on the extensive range of possibilities. The unique design allows to easily implement a big project and big visions step by step, depending on the entrepreneurial situation

Comfort Refugia: Whether as an unmistakable quality increase for pitches or as an additional sanitary facility for wellness or common areas - our Comfort Refugia range offers the right size and equipment for every requirement

Special Refugia: with the special Refugia you can easily or quickly expand or create shared spaces. From the eventful, incomparable bar to a wine cellar with tasting area to the kiosk or other business premises

golf courses / parks

"deep in" Comfort-Refugia impress with their functionality and natural integration.
They can be creatively integrated into the natural terrain and your plant retains its pristine natural character through the greenery. "deep in" Comfort Refugia bring quality and longevity, coupled with high flexibility. Relocation are no problem.

Our Refugia can be operated completely autonomously according to your wishes or can be connected to existing infrastructure. With the various special refugia such as kiosk or bar facilities, golfers can be offered a whole new level of quality from the driving range to the course.

We are gladly ready for a visit after an appointment in Innsbruck (living refugia "family suite") or Tarrenz (comfort refugia "camping comfort"). Convince yourself of the generosity and extraordinary atmosphere of the premises.


Beispiel Freizeit Refugia

Comfort Refugia D/H

Beispiel Freizeit Refugia

Spezial Refugia (Kiosk Bar)

hunting shelter

Thanks to the integrated and renatured construction method, our products are excellently suited for protection or hunting lodges, which can be integrated into nature as gently and unobtrusively as possible, leaving the natural appearance virtually unchanged